GeoLogs is a geotechnical and geoenvironmental database management system. It has been developed and robustly tested by geoenvironmental and geotechnical engineers and programmers for geoenvironmental and geotechnical data management. GeoLogs has been in operation since 2007. It is cloud software written using the latest programming languages.

About Us

Highest Performance

Unlike our windows based competitors Geologs is the first system to be available for use over the internet, allowing your remote based engineers and offices to have access to an integrated system from any computer, tablet, ipad or smartphone with an internet connection.

Since Geologs is a web application, administration and support of the system is maintained at our web servers meaning our engineers never have to visit your offices and you save on IT spend.

Technical requirements are simple, the use of a web browser and a reasonable internet connection speed..


Cloud Based

Key existing features of the system are as follows:

• Production of scale exploratory hole logs in real time using Adobe pdf format.
• Input and storage of geotechnical, contamination and ground gas information.
• Import and export of AGS3.1 and AGS4 compatible data.
• Automatic analysis of contamination data against in-built library standards (e.g. CLEA).
• Production of contamination summary reports in Adobe pdf format.
• Automatic filtering of contamination data against Geology.
• Automatic unit conversions.
• Automatic production of statistical CLR7 analyses.
• In built analysis of ground gas data against CIRIA and NHBC classifications.
• Production of ground gas monitoring summary sheets in Adobe pdf format.
• Production of laboratory test schedules in Adobe pdf format.
• In built security and passwords.


Succesfully helping GeoTechnical Professionals since 2007

As your project develops GeoLogs creates borehole, trial pit and rotary logs. It also can create Gas Monitoring, Lab Schedules. Integrated contamination features enable superfast creation of Contamination Analysis Reports and CLR7 Reports. This is all done in the cloud, so all you need is an internet connection.Technical requirements are simple, the use of a browser and a reasonable internet connection speed.

On an operational level the speed, ease of use and instant realtime production of Logs ensures engineers are using their time most effectively, reducing the time spent on non expert tasks and increasing ultimately the bottom line for the project.

“The World's First Integrated Cloud Based GeoTechnical Packages that has been written by GeoTechnical Professionals for Real Time, Everyday GeoTechnical Work, anywhere in the World that has an Internet Connection.”